Nicole m Giangola

The Bust

The main structure was created by attaching a bustier to a bra that fits the actress's natural bust. A bra of the desired size was attached and padded with shoulder pads and poly-fil beans. We chose to poly-fil beans to give the bust some weight to give it more lifelike movement.

The character of Luce is supposed to have a large bust and hips. The fat suit was constructed in two pieces, a bra piece and legging piece. 

Production Photos by Juliana Maclachlan from Final Dress and Photo Call

The Hips

The main shape of the hips was created by carving cushion foam to the desired shape and size. Felt and cotton batting were added to create more shape. The foam and padding were secured in a spandex material to hold their shape and were stitched to a a pair of leggings for mobility and ease 

The Boys From Syracuse